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Quarter life crisis!

That’s what it is! Isn’t it?

The transition from adolescence to adulthood, is a period marked by intense quest for identity development, social pressure to be accepted, academic and professional competition and rivalries. This is the time when an adult tries to prove himself/ herself. A young adult feels pressurized to prove himself / herself to the world, to the parents, to the friends…and the list goes on! Some young adults may even simply be on a voyage to prove their worth to their own-selves.

As a young adult, an individual is suddenly pushed away from a supportive and protective environment to an independent one. Most young adults are therefore extremely anxious and depressed as they suddenly come across great difficulties, lots of confusion and profound loneliness. Older teens and young adults in their twenties are often not adapting well to work place environments. This is because, they do not possess the necessary interpersonal skills to succeed in adult and work relationships. Additionally, economic pressures are more extreme than ever and they often have unrealistic hopes of independence and financial self-direction. They feel thrown into a world without a real understanding of how to survive or succeed in it.

Let’s look at the kind of thoughts that may come to a young adult’s mind. Or the kind of things he/she may hear from people around

  • “You’re out of College, you need to stand up on your own feet!”
  • “You’re 29 and still unmarried, what are people going to think and say about you”
  • “All your peers are earning more than you. You need to earn more!”
  • “You’ve got to buy your first vehicle, first flat (the list goes on) with your hard earned money”
  • “Handle your boss, handle your team, official politics…everything! Figure out a way to deal with it!”

These are just few of the examples.

During this stage of life an individual is constantly dealing with crushing life-pressures and is therefore, at risk of developing either of the following mental health disorders:

Anxiety and Depression, Substance Use disorder, Eating disorders.