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Our Dream World

We intend to create a world where,

suicide is never considered as an option

and the only choices people make are

Choice to thrive. Choice to struggle.

Choice to move, walk, run and rise as high as the sun.

Through this platform we strive to create a world, free from all kinds of stigma attached to depression and many other mental health conditions.

Our storehouse of information aims at solving any doubts and queries that come your way, related to the common mental health conditions that may lead you or any of your loved ones to experience unwanted and unpleasant emotions.

With our personal experiences and stories, we aspire to be a motivational factor for those in quest for hope, and at the same time, we’re hopeful to get inspired from you with your stories, views, opinions, thoughts on any of the subjects that come your way.

Do join us in this adventurous journey in creating a world where, each one of us are filled with compassion, respect, empathy and understanding towards three important aspects of the universe:

  • Our own-selves
  • Other people
  • Most importantly The MIND (Be it our own, or that of others)