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So…It is a commonly believed notion that a kid is too small for any life-experiences…let alone be a patient of any mental health disorder.

Is it so?

Does the same principle apply for a seasonal flu or any other form of physical medical disorders with more observable symptoms? No…Right?

The form of mental health disorder a child may be suffering from, could be different from those predominant in other age groups. However, he/she is as susceptible to developing a mental health disorder as much as any full grown adult.

As per research (Ronald C. Kessler, G. Paul Amminger, Sergio Aguilar‐Gaxiola and colleagues), kids between the age group 7-13 (sometimes even 4-13), are susceptible to certain forms of mental health disorders such as – ADHD and other forms of Impulse Control Disorder and some forms of mood disorders such as Anxiety - Phobias.