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We read about suicide occurrence in some part of the country almost about every day. Don’t we?

The National Crime Records Bureaue revealed that 135,455 people committed suicide in the year 2012, in India which means an average of 371 people committed suicide daily.

According to a report presented by World Health Organization, in the year 2015, over two-thirds of global suicides were reported in low and middle-income countries like India, this accounted for about 78 percent.

On an average, 20.9 people commit suicide per every 100,000 people in India. Most suicides in India are people above 44 years of age. The report stated that suicide accounted for close to 1.5% of all deaths worldwide.

An astonishing study conducted by National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (Nimhans) in the year 2016, revealed that 13.7 percent of India’s population is suffering from some kind of mental health disorder and 10.6 percent of this population requires immediate medical intervention.

Almost 1 in 20 people suffer from depression.,

22.4 per cent of the population above 18 years suffer from substance use disorder. The highest was contributed by tobacco and alcohol use disorder. Alcohol use was higher in males (9 per cent) as against women (0.5 per cent). However, mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and so on are found to be more prevalent in women.

Due to the stigma attached with mental health disorders, nearly 80 per cent of people suffering from these disorders, do not receive any treatment.

Let’s break this stigma and the barriers that stop people from seeking emotional and mental support and treatment. Let’s do this together!