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Kanika Saxena


A purpose-driven passionate woman currently working as an HR professional in a corporate entity. After pursuing her Masters in Psychology, she also completed certification courses in 'Major Depression in Population' from John Hopkins University and 'Mental Health in Social Context' from University of Toronto. Her desire to make a difference in the world, didn’t stop her from taking up various social-service projects alongside. Through Mind & Me, she is taking the first step towards alleviating pain and misery from the world and creating a world where mental health disorders are given as much importance as any other physical disorders.

In loving memory of


Usha Nigam


Aditya Jain

My gorgeous grandmother Usha Nigam and my friend Aditya Jain ,

who lived their entire lives spreading love, happiness and knowledge.

Mind And Me wouldn't have been possible without their efforts, blessings and support.