When I eat, eat and eat…

Be it a snack, meat or simply an irresistible sweet,

I feel like nothing but a freak, with guilt O’ so deep!

There are days I starve…

But the avoidance of the ‘starch’,

Makes me feel like my life is pretty scarce!

Is it a need?

Or…an overpowering greed?

Whatever it is…I wish I could stop!

Because now I feel...

O' so weak!

Eating Disorders describe illnesses that are characterized by irregular eating habits and severe distress or concern about body weight or shape.

Usually when we hear ‘eating disorders’, we link it to self-imposed undernourishment.

Isn’t it?

There is a commonly held view that eating disorders are a lifestyle choice.

But as a matter of fact, eating disorders are more than just ‘under-eating’ and ‘over-eating’. They’re emotional responses to life events and internal feelings.

Eating disorders are actually serious and often fatal illnesseses that cause severe disturbances to a person’s eating behaviors. In fact, eating disorders commonly co-occur with other conditions, such as anxiety disorders, substance abuse, or depression.

An eating disorder is associated with a wide range of adverse psychological, physical, and social consequences.

Let’s get to know more about these dangerous set of disorders through the images below…